Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Actually, I don't know the real terminus of 'College'. Does College means 'Kolese' or 'Perguruan Tinggi'? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Because this time, I'm gonna share you my whole opinion about College as Perguruan Tinggi.

College is somewhere that I always have fun and just do whatever you want. No more stressful Mathematic subject or even heartbreaking Physics test, which makes college (or to be specified, Visual Communication Design) is somewhere that I belong

One thing you have to know BEFORE you enter the college :


Whether you are in the engineering, medical, economy, etc., what you learn is going to be what you are going to deal with for your living. Never ever give a chance for something you don't passionate with. It waste your time, money and all of your positive energy.

So, learning in here are just so good. First, YOU HAVE TO BE YOURSELF. No matter how weird or how cruel you are, just be yourself. Don't be anything than yourself. Make yourself comfy. Don't change yourself just to make you are loved by the society. They are not God. Still looking for who you are? Figure out based on what you like. In my case, I'm still looking for my true drawing technique, whether it is realism or else. But I'm going to try to do realism since I can't draw things :p

FIND YOUR MATE. I really have problems with friendships and be friendly. I'm not that friendly and I only talk with someone that has the same aura with me (or I feel comfortable with). I can't explain about my ability to recognize that we have the same auras, but that is why I only talk to few people. And other things for sure, I have nothing to say at all and I have problem in speaking, both Indonesian and English. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT. Buuut.... there is always that I can share with or hang out with, because I feel comfortable with them :) Haven't find one? Expand your relationship with seniors and maybe with other people outside college that you can share with.

Oh, finding your mate is basically because you have the same interest whether in music, fashion, etc. And choose your mate....... carefully. Because college is not what it seems :p

And also, be wise. Graduating from high school means stop thinking or acting like a high school student. Expand your horizon. Oh yes, steal the start line. Because there are a lot of people struggle to be what you are going to be.



Monday, 26 August 2013

Sang Biru.

Ku berlari menghindari cahaya
Penunjuk kebenaran
Ku berlari menghindari cahaya
Pemberi keselamatan

Ku berlari menuju sayap
Berdirilah ia memegang vina
Berdirilah ia dengan megah

Ku tutup jalan ke bunga padma
Dan ku simpan rapat-rapat
Ke dalam kotak terlarang

Ku berlari menuju sayap
Berdirilah ia memegang vina
Terbanglah aku bersamanya

- Clara.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Patience is virtue, they said.

Hello, stalkers.
I'm on my YouTube geek week mood, and this week will be such an exhausting week for me. I have to do this, and that. I have to prepare myself for college and that's take a while. But of course, let's not talk about college and stuffs. Let's talk about YouTube geek week and my personal thought, like always.

Personally, I don't know how/why I figure out an account called NigaHiga. It's.... I don't know. I forgot. It must be The Guinness thing that I watched before and YouTube suggest me this NigaHiga. So, his real name is Ryan, and probably you know him well. He's a YouTube artist/personality/video uploader or whatever you say. Check out his video.

Okay, I have to admit that this guy is one the cutest guy in the YouTube world. Yes, Asian rules :p But, you have to know that this guy has started his channel since 2007 It means he was still young, probably around 16 or 17 years old when he started his channel. Productive for a high school kid. But...... Let's take a look at some of pics right below here 


2012? 2013? or maybe 2011? but it's his newer pics.
The point that I want to share to you is : MAN STILL GROWS UP.

Never ever dumb your boyfriend just because he is far from expectation or never expect a guy who is beyond expectation... cause man totally grows up. I mean, how could this cute teenager transform into a handsome and popular guy with absolutely cool abs?

I begin to believe that BEAUTY comes from progress, not from SURGERY

How many Hollywood child actresses/actors who grow up become such beautiful/handsome ladies/gents?
How many friends of you who are used to be such an ugly ducklings but transform into swans?

So, never give up.
You are pretty/handsome/cool.
I believe you are beautiful/handsome in the making.

Chin up and cheers

C x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Geek Week Playlist.

It's YouTube Geek Week, and honestly, I don't really get it what it's meant for. But, I'm not going to talk about YouTube Geek Week. I'm going to share my playlist.

Holiday Project no 3 : Gunny Sack Tote Bag

Hello folks.
When I was in Batam, I bought a gunny sack at Gramedia. I had an idea to make a gunny sack tote bag since they have the most natural fabric. It is quite itchy to wear, tho, but they still look cool.

It is a medium-sized and those typographs are actually real. I didn't type any. But still, it is an uber-cool project.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Age N Da.

Hello peeps
It's already August which means some of my friends and you are going to the college this month. Well, I still have a month to chillax and kill :D

New college/school year, it's a ritual to begin with a new agenda. Well, I used to buy a bonus agenda from local magazines for three years, and this year, they didn't make any :( . Okay, I knew one of the local magazines made an agenda for this year but they launched it on January, which means not in the beginning of a new school year.

So, I come up with this idea. Make my own agenda.

It's actually very simple.
First. Prepare some colourful papers. I use 6 colourful papers, 1 white paper and 1 recycled paper for each month. I estimate that we will have about 11 months in college. Separate them into two. Arrange the papers in your way. (I begin with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white and then recycled paper). The arrangement will have 16 colour papers for a month. Okay, let's called them THE ARRANGEMENT.
Second. Print the cover and dividers. The dividers were intended to be placed between the arrangement for month A and month B, so it will make your agenda nice and organized (and less monotone). Okay, I make them via CorelDRAW and Photoshop. But you can always hand-draw them.
Third. Arrange them all!  
Fourth. Don't forget to add a thick paper on the back! I suggest a manila will help. And also, stick the cover paper into the thick paper.
Fifth. Ask your local printing shop to laminate those thick paper and rearrange them back. + Ask them to bind the papers.
Sixth. Voila.

Tips :
* Add your personal info/name with any paper (could be one of your colourful papers) before Month One.
* Stick the dividers to any paper because the back side of the printed dividers with a normal plain white paper doesn't look good.

page number 1 aka the personal info

look at those colourful papers!!

the last page of November (recycled paper) and December divider.

Well, sorry for the bad English. I really need to get English course right now. All those pictures on dividers and cover book are from Tumblr and nothing was belong to mine. Thanks for everybody who post those pictures. :3

Actually it cost quite a lot of money, but the result is always priceless.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

What font are you?

Because dealing with me will never be as plain as Calibri nor Times New Roman.
Because dealing with me will be as bizarre, unstable, unbalance like my own font.

You'll never expect something ordinary in me.
The way I dress,
the way I interact with people,
the way I think,
Or even the way I write and draw,
are different.

Don't be like Calibri--You're such a teenage Office's default font. You're such a DEFAULT teenager. You're standing out, fresh and new unlike your parents/friends but at the end... the one who gets a cuter, cooler font kicks out your throne.

And oh please, don't be like Times New Roman--Such a medieval parents. Boring and conservative. You used to be great... at your young age. But hey it's 2013, and you're even get replaced by THAT Calibri no matter how much proper you are.

But please, act like your font. Have your own font.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Thoughts no. 324 : Using tablet.

So, people, something just flashed into my head and made me to post this. As someone who doesn't have a tablet, I kinda envy with my friends who have it. But so far, people who have tablets doesn't take a lot of advantages of using tablets. Well, as a person who doesn't have any tablets and instead of using social media such as Instagram, Path and etc, let me share ideal ways to use a tablet.

1. Use it to read novels/e-book.
SAVE SOME TREES (AND EVEN MONEY) by using tablet to read your favourite novels/e-book or maybe your teacher's handout! As a student or future college student, I think tablet is very useful to read e-book or reading teacher's handout while you're on go, at school and anywhere. Forget all those thick and heavy books, it's time to bring less than 1 kg books to school.

2. Like to read comics?
It is not a secret to read Japanese comics for free at any websites. So, why don't you start reading Japanese comic via tablet? No money to spend, no trees to be cut down.... with same pleasure by reading it through book!

*my personal view : I don't really like reading comics through laptop/PC even it's for free because it doesn't offer the same coziness like reading it in printed version/book, so a tablet can be an answer for read it online with absolute coziness.

3. Have your thoughts/ideas spoken.
A blogger/writer should have this for a compact writing. As long as you have a tablet, you will spoken your words/ideas anywhere and anytime. Writing your novels, stories or even maybe your school works easier. And oh, you don't have to bring that heavy notebook anymore!

4. Movie enthusiast?
Watching movie or video clips from YouTube are now easier through tablet. No lies, no lies... right?

Well...... I think it's not enough reason for using tablet besides for social media, but I hope you enlightened with my ideas! :)


Friday, 21 June 2013

Austra without Lia.

So, I play The Sims 3 : Supernatural all night long and fall into a band called Austra. They appeared in The Sims 3 : Supernatural's Dark Wave channel and I'M IN LOVE AT THE FIRST NOTE.

I can't stop playing them all day and all night long through Spotify. The song title is Spellwork, which is very suit to the game... Buut, I think the song sounds better in Simlish (Sims language) than in English. But don't care!! X) Their music and Katie's voice are beyond ah-mazing.