Sunday, 23 June 2013

Thoughts no. 324 : Using tablet.

So, people, something just flashed into my head and made me to post this. As someone who doesn't have a tablet, I kinda envy with my friends who have it. But so far, people who have tablets doesn't take a lot of advantages of using tablets. Well, as a person who doesn't have any tablets and instead of using social media such as Instagram, Path and etc, let me share ideal ways to use a tablet.

1. Use it to read novels/e-book.
SAVE SOME TREES (AND EVEN MONEY) by using tablet to read your favourite novels/e-book or maybe your teacher's handout! As a student or future college student, I think tablet is very useful to read e-book or reading teacher's handout while you're on go, at school and anywhere. Forget all those thick and heavy books, it's time to bring less than 1 kg books to school.

2. Like to read comics?
It is not a secret to read Japanese comics for free at any websites. So, why don't you start reading Japanese comic via tablet? No money to spend, no trees to be cut down.... with same pleasure by reading it through book!

*my personal view : I don't really like reading comics through laptop/PC even it's for free because it doesn't offer the same coziness like reading it in printed version/book, so a tablet can be an answer for read it online with absolute coziness.

3. Have your thoughts/ideas spoken.
A blogger/writer should have this for a compact writing. As long as you have a tablet, you will spoken your words/ideas anywhere and anytime. Writing your novels, stories or even maybe your school works easier. And oh, you don't have to bring that heavy notebook anymore!

4. Movie enthusiast?
Watching movie or video clips from YouTube are now easier through tablet. No lies, no lies... right?

Well...... I think it's not enough reason for using tablet besides for social media, but I hope you enlightened with my ideas! :)


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