Thursday, 27 June 2013

What font are you?

Because dealing with me will never be as plain as Calibri nor Times New Roman.
Because dealing with me will be as bizarre, unstable, unbalance like my own font.

You'll never expect something ordinary in me.
The way I dress,
the way I interact with people,
the way I think,
Or even the way I write and draw,
are different.

Don't be like Calibri--You're such a teenage Office's default font. You're such a DEFAULT teenager. You're standing out, fresh and new unlike your parents/friends but at the end... the one who gets a cuter, cooler font kicks out your throne.

And oh please, don't be like Times New Roman--Such a medieval parents. Boring and conservative. You used to be great... at your young age. But hey it's 2013, and you're even get replaced by THAT Calibri no matter how much proper you are.

But please, act like your font. Have your own font.


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