Thursday, 1 August 2013

Age N Da.

Hello peeps
It's already August which means some of my friends and you are going to the college this month. Well, I still have a month to chillax and kill :D

New college/school year, it's a ritual to begin with a new agenda. Well, I used to buy a bonus agenda from local magazines for three years, and this year, they didn't make any :( . Okay, I knew one of the local magazines made an agenda for this year but they launched it on January, which means not in the beginning of a new school year.

So, I come up with this idea. Make my own agenda.

It's actually very simple.
First. Prepare some colourful papers. I use 6 colourful papers, 1 white paper and 1 recycled paper for each month. I estimate that we will have about 11 months in college. Separate them into two. Arrange the papers in your way. (I begin with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white and then recycled paper). The arrangement will have 16 colour papers for a month. Okay, let's called them THE ARRANGEMENT.
Second. Print the cover and dividers. The dividers were intended to be placed between the arrangement for month A and month B, so it will make your agenda nice and organized (and less monotone). Okay, I make them via CorelDRAW and Photoshop. But you can always hand-draw them.
Third. Arrange them all!  
Fourth. Don't forget to add a thick paper on the back! I suggest a manila will help. And also, stick the cover paper into the thick paper.
Fifth. Ask your local printing shop to laminate those thick paper and rearrange them back. + Ask them to bind the papers.
Sixth. Voila.

Tips :
* Add your personal info/name with any paper (could be one of your colourful papers) before Month One.
* Stick the dividers to any paper because the back side of the printed dividers with a normal plain white paper doesn't look good.

page number 1 aka the personal info

look at those colourful papers!!

the last page of November (recycled paper) and December divider.

Well, sorry for the bad English. I really need to get English course right now. All those pictures on dividers and cover book are from Tumblr and nothing was belong to mine. Thanks for everybody who post those pictures. :3

Actually it cost quite a lot of money, but the result is always priceless.

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