Monday, 12 August 2013

Patience is virtue, they said.

Hello, stalkers.
I'm on my YouTube geek week mood, and this week will be such an exhausting week for me. I have to do this, and that. I have to prepare myself for college and that's take a while. But of course, let's not talk about college and stuffs. Let's talk about YouTube geek week and my personal thought, like always.

Personally, I don't know how/why I figure out an account called NigaHiga. It's.... I don't know. I forgot. It must be The Guinness thing that I watched before and YouTube suggest me this NigaHiga. So, his real name is Ryan, and probably you know him well. He's a YouTube artist/personality/video uploader or whatever you say. Check out his video.

Okay, I have to admit that this guy is one the cutest guy in the YouTube world. Yes, Asian rules :p But, you have to know that this guy has started his channel since 2007 It means he was still young, probably around 16 or 17 years old when he started his channel. Productive for a high school kid. But...... Let's take a look at some of pics right below here 


2012? 2013? or maybe 2011? but it's his newer pics.
The point that I want to share to you is : MAN STILL GROWS UP.

Never ever dumb your boyfriend just because he is far from expectation or never expect a guy who is beyond expectation... cause man totally grows up. I mean, how could this cute teenager transform into a handsome and popular guy with absolutely cool abs?

I begin to believe that BEAUTY comes from progress, not from SURGERY

How many Hollywood child actresses/actors who grow up become such beautiful/handsome ladies/gents?
How many friends of you who are used to be such an ugly ducklings but transform into swans?

So, never give up.
You are pretty/handsome/cool.
I believe you are beautiful/handsome in the making.

Chin up and cheers

C x

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