Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Actually, I don't know the real terminus of 'College'. Does College means 'Kolese' or 'Perguruan Tinggi'? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Because this time, I'm gonna share you my whole opinion about College as Perguruan Tinggi.

College is somewhere that I always have fun and just do whatever you want. No more stressful Mathematic subject or even heartbreaking Physics test, which makes college (or to be specified, Visual Communication Design) is somewhere that I belong

One thing you have to know BEFORE you enter the college :


Whether you are in the engineering, medical, economy, etc., what you learn is going to be what you are going to deal with for your living. Never ever give a chance for something you don't passionate with. It waste your time, money and all of your positive energy.

So, learning in here are just so good. First, YOU HAVE TO BE YOURSELF. No matter how weird or how cruel you are, just be yourself. Don't be anything than yourself. Make yourself comfy. Don't change yourself just to make you are loved by the society. They are not God. Still looking for who you are? Figure out based on what you like. In my case, I'm still looking for my true drawing technique, whether it is realism or else. But I'm going to try to do realism since I can't draw things :p

FIND YOUR MATE. I really have problems with friendships and be friendly. I'm not that friendly and I only talk with someone that has the same aura with me (or I feel comfortable with). I can't explain about my ability to recognize that we have the same auras, but that is why I only talk to few people. And other things for sure, I have nothing to say at all and I have problem in speaking, both Indonesian and English. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT. Buuut.... there is always that I can share with or hang out with, because I feel comfortable with them :) Haven't find one? Expand your relationship with seniors and maybe with other people outside college that you can share with.

Oh, finding your mate is basically because you have the same interest whether in music, fashion, etc. And choose your mate....... carefully. Because college is not what it seems :p

And also, be wise. Graduating from high school means stop thinking or acting like a high school student. Expand your horizon. Oh yes, steal the start line. Because there are a lot of people struggle to be what you are going to be.



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